Cheryl R. Janis
Branding Project for a Creative Artist

"My work with felting wool is an ancient earth practice, and the lines that appear in the pieces, remind me of the lines in the earth’s topography including the oceans. I like to blend the two—the heavenly and earthly realms." Cheryl R. Janis. A spiritual textile artist in Taos, New Mexico, channeled Universal love frequencies into her felt wall hangings for potent spiritual healing and nourishment. The art that Cheryl creates and the the thoughts she shared inspired me to explore with the earth's topography lines and the ocean’s waves and how to blend these layers together, just like with the earth’s lines and this is how the concept was formed.

Logo Alternatives & Brand's Pattern

Mockup for a Business Card Design


Color Pallet

Logo with Solid filling

(Suitable f0r wax stamp, packaging and stickers)